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Masayoshi Aritsugi, Professor, Dr. Eng.
有次 正義(ありつぎ まさよし)

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Personal Information

Masayoshi Aritsugi
有次 正義(ありつぎ まさよし)
birth date:
aritsugi at cs dot kumamoto-u dot ac dot jp
Big Data Science and Technology, Division of Informatics and Energy, Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology, Kumamoto University
2-39-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 860-8555, Japan
〒860-8555 熊本市中央区黒髪2-39-1

Research Interests

My research interests include object-oriented programming languages/databases in parallel and distributed computing environments.

Since I joined Makinouchi Laboratory at Kyushu University, I have been working on persistent programming languages and systems. We have been focusing on memory mapped file I/O environments provided by modern operating systems, e.g., Solaris and Mach, when implementing persistence of objects. I have investigated mainly the three topics, namely, persistence of objects in such an environment, multiple type objects, and database views in object-oriented framework. In concrete, I have considered expressive ways for the functions in an enhanced C++ language, invented implementation methods for them, and evaluated and showed the effectiveness of the proposed methods.

Graduate Thesis:
Some Consideration for the Persistent Programming Language `Fuku' (in Japanese), 1991.
Master's Thesis:
Multiple Type Objects and Set Objects in an Object-Oriented Persistent Programming Language, 1993.
Doctoral Dissertation:
Studies on Facilities for Persistent Programming Languages and Their Implementations, December 1995.
If you want a copy, please let me know. I will send it to you.

After joining Gunma University, I worked mainly on multimedia database systems in distributed environments. Also, I was looking for something to do through my research work. Well, I will keep going to look for some fun for a while.

Since April 2007, I have moved to Kumamoto University and been Professor at the university. My current main research areas are in efficient and effective processing on big data in modern environments including cloud and crowd computing.

Refereed Papers

If you are interested in our papers, please let me know. I will send them to you.

Talk to myself ....

Where is that? I am looking for that.
Where am I? Am I in the right place? Time will tell me that.
What's the right thing? Depends on each person, perhaps.
And, I have no idea but keep going on anyway.

My sleep has gone....
Come, come! Why don't we have fun!
I am available basically at any time (24 hours a day).
But, liars are no longer welcome.
Even though a lie seems for me.
Sometimes being true is pretty difficult.
However, I hate lies.
And I believe that I am right.

Are u looking for something? Me too.
Don't u think that makes the life enjoyable?
Good time, hopefully.

Do it.
And you can get something.
Or you cannot get anything.
Nothing will come while just waiting....

No pain, no gain.

Favorite words:
**** "Wonderful thing is happened all the time" -- party of five ****

Guess what *^_^*

.... still more to come.
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